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Tailor-made Quality Consulting Services

We are here to serve our clients to their needs that appeal to their business

Corporate Services

Corporate Services consists of registration with the Chamber of Commerce. Clients will be guided efficiently with the information needed that is relevant for their business with specific rules and regulations that applies to the country of origin, especially in special cases for international clients. Most information online is not always transparent, it takes more time to research the necessary information that is relevant. This involves consistent and continued communication with various parties. We will guide you through the process and advise you on what legal requirements are needed, in order to save you time and avoid improper submission of information.

In addition to this, you can also request assistance with opening a bank account. This process can be quite a challenge as rules and regulations have become more stringent than in the past. This process may require more in debt transparent information of the client and its business. We will guide you through this process and advise on which bank will suite your needs that will satisfy the requirements for your business.

We will also give advice as to which insurances or payroll services are needed for your business, whether you are a local or international start-up business. The choice of an insurance may be unnecessarily overpriced for this reason you will be advised on what is actually needed with a fairly priced policy plan. Likewise, when choosing a payroll service, we will assistance you with the registration and guide you through the process with the information that is needed.

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting services includes bookkeeping of the financial administration of all incoming / outgoing invoices and documents. Clients will be assisted with this process as the administration will become more transparent and efficient with ease of finding the necessary information. The setting up of the process will be straight forward, documented and archived according to the bookkeeping year. Also, other general ledger bookings that requires input data into the bookkeeping /accounting system is part of the service, this includes loan administration, payroll, changes in investments, dividend payments, capital payments etc.

Furthermore, financial figures within contracts will be accounted for according to the financial rules and regulations. The process will be set up according to its frequency and urgency as journal bookings will be set in the system and documented for the financial closing period. The accounting of bank payments will also require input, as payments will be executed in the payment system and the reconciliation of these will occur in the bookkeeping /accounting system.

Start-up clients that are new to bookkeeping will receive guidance as to which bookkeeping /accounting system is needed for their business. We will guide you through the implementation process that involves documenting the system for daily use. Aside from this implementation the financial accounts will be set up and documented as part of the chart of accounts for the use of the journals that is needed to account for the finances. Eventually this process will be included in the accounting manual that is based on the accounting rules that is applicable for your business.

Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting services consists of the analysis of the financial figures on a periodic basis. The financial analysis involves the clear specification and explanation of balance sheet and profit & loss. Based on the requirements, whether it is monthly or quarterly; each financial movement will be checked based on the accounting and relevant documentation. In such case if the financial statement needs more clarification then a thorough enquiry will be done for each finance accounts to align with the reporting standards. An enquiry will be done to clarify the correct accounting/ bookkeeping journals as documented in the accounting manual.

In addition to this we can also assist with the preparation of the consolidated or statutory financial statements. The requirements of this involves gathering and coordination of financial information from the accounting system or from various point of contacts. We can assist you with this process by aligning the financial figures to the financial statement either manually or through the financial accounting system. We have a broad experience with financial accounting systems that consolidates the financial figures.

The closing period also involves coordination and planning. We can assist in this process by setting up a planning and deadlines with various point of contacts. This will be documented according to your expected timelines. We will also control the process by communicating with various point of contacts involved so that the closing process can run smoothly with no delay. Additionally, we can assist with the annual closing process that involves coordination and discussions with auditors.

Tax Services

Tax Services consists of registration with the Dutch Tax authority. Clients will be guided efficiently with the information needed that is relevant for their business; also with rules and regulations, that applies to the country of origin especially with specific cases pertaining to international clients. This process involves consistent and continued communication with the Dutch tax authority. We will guide you through the process and advise you on what tax requirements are needed, in order to save you time and avoid improper submission of information.

Additionally, this service consists of advice and analysis of VAT, Corporate tax and Personal income tax returns. The tax returns will be prepared periodically according to your input of the financial figures. We will prepare a clear analysis of the financial statement in which this will be used to submit the tax returns. We will advise on the quarterly financial movements of your business in order for you to have a clear expectation of the (upcoming) tax requirements. You can also approach us for special cases that involves the submission of the M-form, application of an EORI number, etc as we have a board expertise that can assist with these matters.