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About us

We have the expertise to improve the efficiency of our client’s financial business

Company Profile

RIMEOY Finance Consulting Agency (RIMEOY FCA) is focused on giving advice and improving financial processes of various national, international Start-ups, Small and Middle enterprises (SME) and non-profit organizations. As the market continues to change with new financial rules and regulations it becomes quite challenging for companies to keep up with changes in their financial processes, which can cause them to become less transparent in their finances.

The purpose of RIMEOY FCA is to bring financial transparency to the client’s business in order for them to improve their strategic-long term goal to grow within the market. RIMEOY FCA has the expertise to not only give advice but also to assist with the financial needs of the client and provide additional tailor-made services when needed.

Tailor-made services consist of Corporate Services, Accounting, Finance and Tax. The need of bringing quality, efficiency and fast direct communication is essential to the client’s needs due to RIMEOY FCA’s simple and transparent company structure.

RIMEOY FCA will provide added value services to clients in order to help and assist in the new way of working so that clients continue to progress effectively in their business while looking for new ways of improvement.


RIMEOY Finance Consulting Agency is founded by Emmielin Rombley, a finance professional with more than 10 years’ experience in accounting and finance. Ms. Rombley saw the need to assist non-profit organizations with their accounting/bookkeeping and financial processing by giving advice on a voluntary basis. The work of the non-profit organizations became rather overwhelming, whereas Ms. Rombley decided to seek more insight in the professional field of international start-up companies. That was when Ms. Rombley made the switch from financial accounting to financial controlling. The workload between both types of companies are quite similar, yet the finance regulations are less lenient for SME’s. This in somewhat ways became quite a learning curve for Ms Rombley. Ms. Rombley discovered that her expertise in consulting would become very beneficial for both types of companies as she is prepared to assist practically with the workload of the companies in order to implement their financial processes.

Emmielin Rombley, Finance Professional

Can you help with my Start-up company?

The steps in opening a company has become quite simple and straight forward. It of course depends on the size and the goal of the company. We can assist you with this by advising on what should be done or if you choose for an intermediary role then we can contact the relevant parties involved.

How long will it take to complete my tax return?

The submission of tax returns relies on the choice of the client. When the accounting is fully implemented by us, we can work swiftly to prepare the tax administration on time for the deadline. If the client chooses for our consulting service on this topic, the submission will depend on the swift cooperation of the client to share the accounting data.

What accounting systems would I need for my business?

That is depending on the future growth of the company. There are many people friendly accounting systems that can help with the efficiency of the business as it grows. Most recent systems are linked to the accounting, banking and government regulation services. We can help implement the system that is tailor-made for your business.

How can I open a business if I am a non-local?

The Netherlands is the HUB for many expats and international entrepreneurs. Our company is part of a board network of an international community. We usually receive many questions about this as it is a challenge to know what steps to take and where to get answers from the government services. We are capable of advising and helping you through this process.

Can you assist with choosing the right bank for my business?

Choosing a bank can be quite a challenge for clients as many in-depth information is needed. Some clients that are small start-ups would most likely choose a small online bank. Yet for bigger clients (with many international branches) would rather choose the bigger well-known banks. We can assist with this process as an intermediary by collecting and submitting the necessary data from various parties involved.